Community Awareness

WLAC has published numerous informative booklets and newsletters to increase community awareness on women’s rights issues.

These publications are disseminated at all public events hosted or attended by our officers, and they are also available within our Resource centre located at our head office in Kinondoni. Please visit the Contact Us page for WLAC’s address and contact details.

Mjane na Urithi

MJANE-NA-URITHI--COVERDescription: This booklet is about inheritance laws and its applications in Tanzania. This includes Tanzania’s statutry law, religious law and customary law. Mjane na Urithi highlights the rights of women in probate and inheritance matters, administration of estates, writing of wills and rights of women. Also, it explores challenges facing women in inheritance matters, particularly the right to inherit land or property from their fathers and husbands.
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Sheria ya Ndoa na Talaka

Sheria-ya-Ndoa-na-Talaka---COVER.Description: Ndoa na Takala aims to educate readers about the rights of women during and after marriage in Tanzania. This includes the different rights and duties of the wife and husband, including the right to equality, right to maintenance, right to own acquire, hold and dispose properties in marriage, chidren’s rights and matrimonial properties. Also, the booklet discusses the procedure of contracting a valid marriage while also outlining the procedures to obtain a divorce.
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Haki za Mwanamke Katika Sheria za Ardhi

Haki-za-Mwanamke-katika-sheria-za-Ardhi-COVERDescription: The booklet is about women’s land rights in Tanzania.  In particular, it outlines Tanzania’s Land Policy of 1995, Land Act Cap 113 R.E. 2002 and the Village Land Act Cap 114, R.E. 2002.  Ardhi articulates that women have the same rights as men in regards to land matters such as acquiring, using, disposing, administration, and participating in decision making processes.  The booklet also talks about procedures to acquire and dispose land.
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2013 Tunaweza (“We Can”) Newsletter

newscoverDescription: The 2013 Tunaweza Newsletter describes the Tunaweza campaign’s history, activities, successes and achievements, as well as includes a wide variety of photographs. Click here to view and download the newsletter.