New inheritance law

Together with the KIKUHAMI Taskforce led by WiLDAF, WLAC has participated in drafting a bill for a new inheritance law. This law would ensure inheritance rights for all, eliminating the customary laws that deny women such rights. Additionally, it would consider guaranteeing a share of the matrimonial assets before they are subjected to division. These are essential steps recommended by #CEDAW committee that we hope the government will acknowledge so that Tanzania’s many female widows can finally attain justice.

WLAC kwa kushirikiana na Kikosi cha Kutetea Haki za Mirathi (KIKUHAMI) imeshiriki katika kuandaa muswada wa Sheria ya Mirathi. Mswada huu umezingatia haki ya kurithi kwa watu wote na kuondoa Sheria ya Mirathi ya Kimila ambayo inawanyima wanawake haki ya urithi. Vilevile,mswada huu umezingatia mchango wa mwenza katika mali ya ndoa kabla mali hiyo haijagawanywa kama sehemu ya mali za marehemu. Hii hatua muhimu katika kutekeleza mapendekezo yaliyotolewa na Kamati ya Mkataba wa CEDAW na ni matumaini yetu kwamba serikali itaukubali na kuupitisha mswada huo.

Network asks government to rethink decision on early child marriages

Last month, the High Court of Tanzania historically ruled against discriminatory aspects of the Marriage Act that allow for child marriage to take place. The government of Tanzania, however, has now announced that it will be appealing the court decision. WLAC, alongside the Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network, is shocked by this move and is urging the government to reconsider.

“Child marriage is no joke and should be discarded with the highest of contempt as it takes advantage of young children and robs them of their future; development of the human race cannot occur if cultures such as these are tolerated with a casual look as if it is normal”

Monitoring visits

Over the past week – WLAC officers have been conducting monitoring visits and capacity building for Interfaith paralegal units in the rural districts of Ikwiriri and Mbulu, and Hydom. These visits are meant to ensure that the paralegals are delivering quality service and to identify any gaps in said service that can be filled through our support.

NAMATI Exchange Program

WLAC hosted NAMATI exchange program and had opportunity to visit Zanzibar Legal Service center. This program involved volunteer paralegals from different backgrounds and professions spend much of their free time helping community members in need.